Nutrikane | A Natural Health Treatment
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MediKane USA

MediKane USA is proud to distribute the NutriKane range of natural health products developed in Australia.


For lowering of blood sugar levels, assists with weight reduction. Suitable for people with Diabetes.


For use to control constipation in pre and post-operative patients. For Managed Care facilities. 


About MediKane

MediKane Holdings (Australia) has established a MediKane USA office in New York. The business will initially supply product to the North East of the USA and expand progressively.

Persons interested in participating in the supply chain or interested in investing in the US business should also contact the CEO – Michael Goldman


More about NutriKane +

For the reduction and control of constipation in pre and post-operative care (most patients suffer with constipation after operations due to the pain killers – NutriKane+ overcomes this problem)….


NutriKane+ provides a new option for intestinal health maintenance in hospitals, aged care and other managed care facilities as a natural food product that has been shown to exceed the capabilities of current products in use. NutriKane+ has been through two clinical trials to demonstrate its effectiveness.

More about NutriKane D

NutriKane D is a safe, natural concentrated medical food provided in an easy to use sachet dose.

It contains all of the types of dietary fiber (not just simple soluble fibers) and a wide range of essential micronutrients that have been shown to not only aid the maintenance of the microbiome but also reduce inflammation and ultimately help control blood sugar levels.

NutriKane D has natural orange colour once stirred thoroughly, with a consistency similar to that of flour. NutriKane D is available in retail carton of 28 sachets. Each carton is a 2 week supply at recommended doses.
NutriKane D is hypoallergenic, gluten free, cholesterol free, dairy free, nut free, contains no sugar and is non-GMO.

NutriKane D™ each box contains 28 sachets, 2 weeks supply (2 doses per day).